jQuery plugin for subscription form


Import resources

Import all necessary resources such as jQuery, Nicescroll and Animate.css. To import the JavaScript file put before the </body> tag and to import the CSS file put in the <head> tag.

Define by yourself

Define soudle with "$(".mybutton").soudle();"" for popup type subscription form. For example, "<a href="#" class="mybutton">Subscribe</a>".

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For more details, keep scrolling down. You will see other awesome styles of subscription form.

Soudle.JS has 2 types of subscription form that's `inline` and `popup`.

5 Different Styles

Default Style





Popup Type

Default Bwabwa Woomba Morskli Liskrus

You can set your own `animate.css` class for animations to appear and the animations disappear. For example, click here.

More than 70+ animations

Soudle.JS using Animate.css then you can use more than 70 animations for your popup subscription form.

9 Available Popup Positions

We provide 9 positions for subscription form
with popup type.

Top Left

Top Center

Top Right

middle Left

middle Center

middle Right

bottom Left

bottom Center

bottom Right

AJAX Support

You can use AJAX when sending form data and receive data from subscription form in your PHP code.

Try it

Available Laravel Admin Page

Soudle provides admin panel based on Laravel5 Framework. So you will be able to easily manage subscription email.

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Go to admin page

Also Available with CodeIgniter version

As well as the laravel version, the codeigniter version has the same features.

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